January 18, 2021

Menstruation: Shedding Skins & Hidden powers.


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Have you ever considered that the phase of your menstruation is not only a form of physical cleansing but also an energetic one? As we (literally) shed the skins, we are being invited to let go of what doesn’t belong to us any more – thoughts, emotions, stories, identities.

Through our womb we are deeply connected, not only with our ancestors but also with the collective as well. We might not be aware of it, but as women we carry both the biggest potential and the pain of the world in our wombs. As we menstruate, we also release tears, stories, and emotions that the world has never shed. And we prepare our wombs to conceive again – seeds of life, change and transformation.

It isn‘t a coincidence that for many women their so-called moon time is aligned with the new moon. A time of withdrawal, of replenishment, of turning inwards. But also a time of setting new intentions, of re-alignment and of re-calibration.

What an amazing opportunity that is… just like a snake, we have this magic power to completely renew ourselves inside out as we surrender to the flow of blood. Long before the patriarchy turned the symbol of the snake into an evil one, she was a representation of a woman‘s power, sexuality and healing capacity.

Many of us did never learn to appreciate this special time of the month as our secret weapon to live a balanced and powerful life. Nobody ever told us how to honor the beat of our rhythm and how to flow with the tides of our bodies. Did you ever hear women tell about entering an altered state of consciousness as they engage with their blood?

If this is the moment where you turn away inside, rolling your eyes or feeling a bit embarrassed, then this is the perfect time for you to dig a little deeper. And if my words get you excited, it is the perfect time to so too. Actually, it is the perfect time for all of us to learn & share more about the hidden powers of our menstruation.

For way too long we have been told the most terrible lies about our period – we have been taught to fear it, to feel ashamed for it, to hate it even. We have been told that we are ‚dirty‘ and ‚impure‘, that we should distance ourselves and that we cannot talk to God when we bleed.

Let‘s assume for a moment that the opposite is true. Let‘s assume for a moment that this isn‘t the time when we are weak but it is the time when we are powerful beyond measure. Let‘s assume that this time of cleansing and shedding skins is the biggest gift that we got to heal ourselves and the world.

What if this would be true? How would you relate differently to yourself as a woman, your body, your blood? And what would be the consequence of it? For yourself and the world at large?

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