January 18, 2021

Nava: “This journey has awakened me to my true self.”


I'm a certified leadership & life coach, transpersonal psychologist, university lecturer and skilled facilitator for personal & collective transformation with more than 12 years of international working experience.

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How would you describe your coaching experience in three words ? 

Revolutionary, freeing, relief

What are you most grateful for in the coaching with kathrin ? 

Her insight, her love, her remarkably intuitive ability to sense what no one can sense (even oneself about oneself). I am grateful that her loyalty stands for the ignored, battered, bruised and wounded voice within us all that yearns for acknowledgment. It’s as if Kathrin was the soulsister and long lost mother to the pains deep within us that were dormant yet ailing for years, wondering and looking for a home to be heard, understood, healed and empowered. Kathrin provides a home for that.

What was going on in your life when you decided to receive coaching with Kathrin? And why did you feel that Kathrin was the right fit for you?

I was transitioning from a traumatic birth and entering motherhood while beginning confirming chapters in my career of service to humanity. Kathrin is the only person I can think of that is the right fit right now because she truly understands the rough waters of transition and has the ability to help you navigate those waters in a way that allows you to feel you can conquer the waves with an inner peace women innately have. She is love personified. She is your soul’s dearest friend. She loves your soul even more than you may love it at times. This is what the soul needs. It greatly helped me that Kathrin is also a married woman and mother. To know that she could connect on these levels in such a human, humble way. My heart opened up instantly… to her healing voice, the feminine power of her spirit and intellect as well as her deep understanding and expertise in coaching. It’s unlike anything I have ever witnessed. I am very familiar with the realm of self-help and what Kathrin offers I have never before seen offered. I leave her sessions wishing I could give her coaching as a gift to every single woman on this planet….and then to stand back and watch the world transform in the most powerful and beautiful way.

How has the coaching journey affected your life so far? Did it make a difference? 

Interestingly enough it does two (what outwardly seem like very opposite) things. First it affects your life by unveiling to you the deepest causes and roots of your limiting perceptions, which often cause us daily pain.

 In the midst of this process the coaching journey gives acknowledgment and attention to what has been silent for too long. For women her silence is overflowing as a result of the unequal world we live in. Kathrin helps you learn how to listen to that voice and to use it, without the shame that forces of oppression yield to control women. 

Did it make a difference? Yes, these processes HAVE to make a difference. It is impossible to uproot the roots of a tree without it feeling it. You feel it strongly, uncomfortably and then so beautifully. My life has consistently consisted of inward development in the field of service, this coaching journey plunged me deeper to make everyday an inner working reflection (exhausting but rewarding) which then has the power to relieve me of the unnecessary burden of pain we all carry as a result of our wounds. And yes. Every single human being has wounds, which all too often go unaddressed, and is the cause of untold pain. As a result of her friendship through coaching, this journey has awakened me to my true self, whom I now truly honor and allow myself to nourish and love. 

What do you consider your greatest or deepest insight or breakthrough so far? 

More than I can vividly express or accurately count. That all that is outside of you that has kept you back, can create a home inside of you, if you let it. That the innate confidence of a girl child, carefree and shamelessly joyous and expressive is the weapon for peace and salvation that we as women have that we’ve been told to hide for the benefit of the ego and power-driven. That a woman should not be afraid to take her rightful place in every sphere and arena in this world, in any way her true higher self deems it. That unrestrained women are desperately needed in this world, and that all that we have been convinced into thinking is a women’s weakness is actually her strength. She taught me that if other women judge or have a negative response to the rightful rise of another woman, it is because they see in that woman a light which they too have within themselves that they have been just too afraid to show….and to see it shine in others, sparks an internal pain in them. 

If you like – please summarize the answers above by sharing your personal success story here – what are the before-and-after effects that you were able to experience through your Coaching Journey so far? 

My “success story” cannot be separated from Kathrin’s awe-inspiring work and persona. I has always been told I was an empowered woman but it doesn’t take long before the world subconsciously convinces a woman that a “true woman” should be more quiet, more meek, more humble, more obedient, more agreeable….more etc….until she all that she is able to offer, in her voice and actions are silenced or shamed, leaving many women pretending that at least for the most part, they are happy and can be happy if only they learn to live contently within the confines of boundaries and borders built to control her. Boundaries and borders that prevent the remaining resources (the many contributions of women) the world needs to create a better and more harmonious society, to be used. Kathrin assists you to be a gate opener to all that you were told to hold back and down. She speaks not only German and English but she understands the complicated, cryptic language of the soul. That is her God-given gift among many others. I can say that I am now far more unapologetic in expression, having lived a life of mastering diplomatic expression, for the ease of the ego of the listener. I am more trusting. I am more happy, more free, more willing to draw on the confidence that I had shut away (for fear it may be deemed as arrogance, which is how it is often perceived in most women). I am understanding why other women may judge and compete with other women, which has always baffled and deeply hurt me to witness. I am more in touch with my artistic side and I am left in awe and wonderment of this untapped and unexplored power that women have, that Kathrin has helped me to reclaim and access within. Oh if only the rest of the world knew what she knew about the power of women! Kathrin is a co-warrior…and you will know what I mean when you speak to her.

How would you describe Kathrin as a Coach & Woman in three words? 

Intuitive, loving, empowering

What fascinates you the most when you think about Kathrin as a personality?

Her power. That when you look at her beauty, she is actually using herself as a mirror to show you your own. She is magic and human…all in one. Sharing space with Kathrin is one of the most humbling and magical things because of that. 

What has been special about the Coaching experience with Kathrin in comparison to other emotional or business support that you have received in the past?

She doesn’t sit detached and lifeless to your woes…she is deeply connected to you, your love and pains with you. This is very different from other support. She understands that business support cannot stand apart from emotional support. She sees the two as married. She is intuitively connected with you even between sessions, and sincerely cares about your journey before and after sessions. It’s as if she is unconditionally dedicated to your soul and empowerment. She has a rare ability to see you, hear you and understand your deepest self. Without that power, it is impossible to truly support your growth, both your emotional journey and your career path. This is why she stands apart and alone to other coaching support I have come to witness. 

Thank you for the Interview, Nava.

You’re very welcome.

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