January 18, 2021

Katharina: “It has been absolutely life-changing.”


I'm a certified leadership & life coach, transpersonal psychologist, university lecturer and skilled facilitator for personal & collective transformation with more than 12 years of international working experience.

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How would you describe your coaching experience in three words?

life-changing, transformational, loving

What was going on in your life when you decided for coaching with Kathrin? And why did you feel that Kathrin was the right fit for you?

I have already done a lot of inner work before I met Kathrin. The foundation of my life felt solid, I had developed a whole range of positive habits for my daily life and I had become a coach for positive psychology. Yet there were still some inner blockages and conditioned responses that kept me from really living my full truth, experiencing and showing myself fully to the world. Miraculously, Kathrin came into my life at exactly the right time. I was ready for the next step and I felt a clear inner “Yes” to let her accompany me. I am glad that I followed this impulse because it was the right moment and the right coach for me. 

How has the coaching journey affected your life so far? Did it make a difference? In what way?

It has been absolutely life-changing. There is not one area of my life that did not get transformed by it. But the main difference is that I have remembered who I truly am and I have started to reconnect with this deeper core of myself. It has become so clear to me who I am and what I want in this life. I now know what I came here to do and what it is that I bring to this world. Part of this process was that I have become aware of what was standing in my way so far. I was able to heal the blockages and past wounds that kept me from living my potential and myself. And I feel so much freer to create my life. I am now consciously deciding what I do and when instead of running on automatic. 

What do you consider your greatest or deepest insight or breakthrough so far?

There have been many breakthroughs. One  that really touched me deeply was the healing of my mother-wound. I was able to not only transform the relationship with my mother, but it also transformed how I relate to myself as a mother. It has also impacted how I experience myself as a woman and how comfortable I feel with owning both my femininity and my fire. By making peace with my Mum, I was able to find a new level of self-love that also shows in how I relate to my daughter and how easy it has become to embrace her fullness as well. I am much more in peace now – with myself, my mother, the mother in me, the world even. It feels as if a lot of energy  which was trapped in this old narrative has been released. I feel so much more happy, content and alive now..

What are you doing different now from before ?

I have become better in tolerating conflicts. Before I would have given in quickly, because I was so used to make sure that I fulfill the expectations of my environment and I also saw myself as gentle and forgiving. I was actually quite trapped in the good girl archetype. With the help of Kathrin I freed ‚Furia‘, she is the fierce and fiery part of myself and she is the source of my passion and energy. Now I am standing in the fire without burning. And I have learned to communicate my wants and needs in a way that changed also my relationship for the better.

What has been the most challenging in the process?

I would say that the most challenging part was the communication in my relationship. As I grew so much, my partner had to adapt and to evolve too. We had many difficult and intense conversations but in the end we have found a new level of mutual understanding and togetherness. We are much more on eye-level now and he adores the fire and passion that I bring to the relationship.

What are you most grateful for?

I am most thankful for the connection to the Divine. Kathrin is a wonderful role model in how natural she is when it comes to combining her intuition with a very professional approach to coaching. Her guided meditations in the beginning of our sessions were  so deep and often touched on something that was coming up later in the session. Through our coaching I have re-discovered my inner priestess and strengthened my own connection to Source. It has become really clear what it means to live and embody this inner priestess both in my life and in my work. The vision that I have of myself now guides me in everything I do. 

What’s unique about Coaching with Kathrin?

It is so much more than Coaching. You can tell that it is Kathrin’s calling. It never felt as if I was ‚just‘ another client for her. She is so committed to serve. What she does comes from a different place. It is undoubtedly her mission in life to help women remember her true selves and to rise. She is holding the space for you with so much love and it is really safe to go deep with her. At the same time she has a lot of fire and passion. Yes, I would say she is both water and fire. She can also kick your butt if needed. And she is real, so real. It is really refreshing, because she doesn’t pretend. I mean she is honest about her light and her shadow and she shares her own struggles and learnings in a way that is really inspiring. 

Whom would you recommend working with Kathrin?

Women that are not looking for the quick fix but rather are open to go deep for real transformation. You should be open to spirituality, but not in a way where you only want to see the light. If you are interested in a greater sense of wholeness and authenticity, embracing and integrating both the light and the dark within yourself, then Kathrin is the right coach for you. 

Thank you Katharina.

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