Kathrin Fox 

We have a lot in common, you and I.
We have rebellious spirits & compassionate hearts, searching for something more, something deeper, something more meaningful.

You have tried to talk yourself out of it. To tell yourself that life is good and that it’s okay to be dissatisfied at times. You have tried to ‘work’ your beliefs, ‘manage’ your stress, to tame your fire and to silence your doubts. You’ve tried it. You did.

But…(thank Goddess) there is a nagging sensation inside that just won’t stop. A whisper so loud that you cannot ignore it. It’s calling out to you from the depths of your being. And it is calling you to ‘re-member’, to reconnect and to rise. 

You could stay where you are. You could continue to accept a mediocre relationship. You could continue to run and hustle and burn yourself out. You could continue to meet the expectations of those around you while ignoring the longings of your soul. You could choose to close your eyes to the fact that there seems to be an obvious disconnect between what you know you are capable of and the life that is unfolding before your eyes. You could. 


of course. . .

to become more of who you are.
By sounding your depths,
you’ll take to the skies. 



and follow

your call

i know   

that it's possible for you to create the life, the relationship and the business of your dreams that is not only an authentic expression of who you truly are but one that will also serve the world at large. I know that we are meant to meet and to co-create a world that we have come here to birth. Together. Now.

Let's do this!

to my core

I want you to know about me.

10 things


Like you, I am on a journey. To embrace my full humanity. To find peace, both in darkness and in light. I am dedicated to awakening. And to help others do the same. 




I believe in the lawfulness and divinity of all things, even in those moments when I have a hard time recognizing it. I am willing to be seen trying and stumbling. And I trust that I will rise again when I fall. 




I am a lover of beauty and a seeker of truth. I have projected it outwardly onto scriptures, mentors, partners and have abandoned myself in the process, over and over again. Just to discover that it is nowhere else to be found but within. 




I struggle with self-compassion at times and I often push myself too hard. A daughter of the patriarchy, I have learned to perform in order to belong. As I help others heal these wounds I heal myself. 




I have never felt as fulfilled and vulnerable as I do now, being a mum. I didn‘t know how much you can love a human being until she cracked me open. My daughter is my muse, my engine & my greatest teacher.




I walk my path with one foot firmly planted on this earth and with the other dancing in the skies, awake to both the transcendent and the practical. I believe in the necessity of a grounded and embodied form of spirituality that leaves this world better than we’ve found it. 




My work goes deep because I have gone deep myself. I sat in silence for weeks on end, confronted my inner demons in countless therapy & coaching sessions and learned how to trust my intuition & innate wisdom. To embrace both our light and our shadow is core to what I teach. 




I feel called to help women remember and reconnect with who they were before the world told them who they should be. I believe in the important role that women play in our time today in rising above accepting the status-quo and giving birth to new paradigms of leading, living and loving. 




My work is my art. It’s a labour of love. Whenever I work with a client, I am fully committed to serve her well. This means that I never stop learning and honing my craft to be the best coach & mentor that I can be. 




I am not a guru. And I do not want you to put me on a pedestal. I am just a human being that cares about living an intentional life. Learning how to live each moment in fullness and in gratitude. 



is a certified leadership & life coach, transpersonal psychologist, university lecturer and skilled facilitator for personal & collective transformation with more than 12 years of international working experience.

In 2020 she founded her business to offer a soulful coaching practice dedicated to helping female leaders, visionaries and creatives worldwide shed the layers of their conditioning and to manifest their highest possibility by reclaiming their authentic power, purpose, pleasure and peace. 

looking for the official bio?

Kathrin Fox, MSc.

based in Austria

providing soulful coaching

Kathrin is based in Austria and calls the Salzburger Land her home. She holds a BA in Education from the University in Innsbruck (Austria), a BA in Nonprofit & Health Care Management from Management Center Innsbruck (Austria) and a MSc. in Transpersonal Psychology & Consciousness Studies from Middlesex University in London (powered by Alef Trust).

Trained by the best in their fields, Kathrin is considered an expert when it comes to transformational coaching & facilitation. She holds certificates for mindfulness, leadership & executive development, integral & process-oriented coaching, systemic constellation work and for legal mediation & conflict resolution.

She is fluent in German and English.


Psychodynamic / Jungian Coaching

Psychodynamic Coaching, IPOM,  Munich, 2014
MSc in Transpersonal Psychology & Consciousness Studies, Middlesex University, London

Leadership / Executive

Certified Facilitator for Executive / Leadership Development Intensives - based on Gestalt Principles, Dr. John Scherer, Warsaw, 2015-2017
Team Coaching, Alexander Caillet & Amy Yeager, Boston, 2018

Constellation Work

Integral-Systemic Constellation Work & Coaching ‘Inner Work’, Peter Klein, Vienna, 2017-2018
Organizational Constellations, Amsterdam, Paul Zoenneveld & Mieke Jacobs, 2018

Conflict Resolution & Mediation

Certified Mediator & Conflict Resolution Specialist, Markus Siebert, Vienna, 2017
Deep Democracy & Group Facilitation, Dr. Max & Ellen Schupbach, Kiew/Berlin, 2016-2017

Mindfulness &
Presence-based Coaching

Timeless Wisdom Training, Academy of Inner Science, 2014-2017 ; A
ACT, Russ Harris, 2014-2015

Trauma-informed Work

Somatic Experiencing (Basic), PGA ACADEMY, Vienna, 2016; Mystical Principles of Healing, Academy of Inner Science, 2016;
Collective Trauma Work, Peter Levine, Switzerland, 2018


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Process-Oriented Coaching & Facilitation

Deep Democracy Coaching & Facilitation, Dr. Max Schupbach, Kiew/Berlin, 2016-2017

Subtle Competencies & Intuitive Readings

Timeless Wisdom Training, Academy of Inner Science, 2014-2017
Trained Actress, Schule für Schauspiel, Hamburg, 2012-2014

Systemic Coaching

Co-Trainer Systemic Coaching, ASK Salzburg, 2017; Systemic Principles Masterclass, Amsterdam, Paul Zoenneveld & Mieke Jacobs, 2018

5Q Coaching

Co-Founder of 5Q-Coaching Approach / In Collaboration with KINGMAKERS POLAND

"Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate."

Carl Jung

words to live by

Seeing behind the veils.


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Title I am most proud of


Morning ritual



"I’ve done a lot of inner work before. And I can say with absolute certainty that this is by far the best & deepest coaching I have ever experienced. It's not even right to call it coaching at all, because working with Kathrin feels like getting to the heart of the mystery of life." 



"I am very familiar with the realm of self-help and what Kathrin offers I have never before seen offered to anyone. I leave her sessions wishing I could give her coaching as a gift to every single woman on this planet and then to stand back and watch the world transform in the most powerful and beautiful way."   



"Kathrin is a true leader of a new era of women rising into their power, beauty and clarity. She combines therapeutic expertise with a deep spiritual background and a very grounded humanity, which makes her one of the best coaches I have ever met." 


"Kathrin is one of the best Coaches I know. Her coaching is intuitive and effortless. She creates this kind of connection that feels magical & sacred - and this makes her work so powerful. She looks at you with so much depth and love, and it seems as if she looks directly into your soul. She sees you beyond all masks. Kathrin is just so guided, present & attuned.  I am so touched and impressed by her art."


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Clients Satisfied

Kathrin Fox is one of the finest facilitators of personal, group and organizational change that I know. In fact, she was one of the first people in Europe that I certified to lead my Leadership Development Intensive (LDI), serving as an inspirational and compelling mentor to younger consultants and facilitators in our International Network. Her authentic integrity, deep presence, remarkable wisdom and natural skill make her a compassionate yet powerful catalyst for real transformation.

Dr. John J. Scherer
Founder, Scherer Leadership Center

I was a participant in an LDI co-facilitated by Kathrin, and it was impossible for me to emerge unchanged. Her calm competence, combined with deep care for the people she works with created a safe space for me to dive deep into my development process, especially to the places that were not comfortable – though necessary – to experience. But what really touched me was her ability to see through masks and games, and the gentle, yet firm way she helped me tap into the better, more true part of me.

Andrzej Araskzkiewicz, Poland

I have seen Kathrin lead C-Suite leadership development workshops with a rare grace, wisdom and clarity that defies her youth. I have been the recipient of her remarkably natural, unhurried and incisive conflict mediation in times of professional challenge myself. I have heard her coach leaders of all levels and styles in ways that demonstrate her bold trust in her own ‚gut sense‘ about what is the right path to take and she wraps her feedback with compassion, honesty and lasting value for the client. Her intent is to serve. Her attention to detail…impeccable. Her kindness palpable. Her determination endless. For this, for much more, I whole-heartedly recommend Kathrin.

Lynnea Brinkerhoff
MSOD, PCC (served as interim CEO, Scherer Leadership International)