January 18, 2021

Patrizia: “I have found my inner balance again”


I'm a certified leadership & life coach, transpersonal psychologist, university lecturer and skilled facilitator for personal & collective transformation with more than 12 years of international working experience.

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How would you describe your coaching experience in three words? 

intense, useful and powerful

What was going on in your life when you decided to receive coaching with Kathrin? And why did you feel that Kathrin was the right fit for you?

I felt stuck. I needed help to find myself and to get through a difficult time. I chose Kathrin because she is a positive and sensitive person but also very determined. A fantastic mix.

How has the coaching journey affected your life so far? Did it make a difference? In what way? 

I changed my attitude towards people and things. And magically the world responds 🙂

What do you consider your greatest or deepest insight or breakthrough so far? 

Before coaching with Kathrin I was convinced that I had to find the answers outside. I persisted in thinking that the cause of my suffering was a person and a job not obtained. Through the work with Kathrin, I realized that they were just mirrors of my own inner unhappiness. We must have great courage to recognize that we ourselves are sabotaging our dreams. In the exact moment in which I returned to see that I was able to tap my own inner source of happiness and fulfillment. This is when the miracle happened. I have found my inner balance again, which allows me to be so much more effective in the world and to do great things. Without depending on others. But doing things WITH others. Thank you soooo much Kathrin!

What has been special about the Coaching experience with Kathrin in comparison to other emotional or business support that you have received in the past?

First of all, it is the incredible impact and fast results. I wanted change and Kathrin helped me to achieve this with very few sessions. And then it is the space Kathrin creates for you. I have never found a person who was willing to listen to you 24 hours a day, ready to be there whenever you needed her. It is really a magical experience that changes you. Kathrin is a pure mirror that shows you both your darkness and your light. She allows you to get to your heart without ever telling you what to do. 

How would you describe Kathrin as a Coach?

Kathrin reads your soul, without judging. She has the ability to take you further. Even to places you never even imagined or thought possible. And this is what makes coaching with her so unique & powerful! I highly & wholeheartedly recommend it. 

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I work with female leaders & visionaries who care about healing, awakening & making a difference with their lives. My art lies in helping you to unravel your most essential self and to rise into your authentic power, beauty and truth, so you can live, lead and love from your innermost center instead of the periphery.

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