If you aim for more wholeness...
 If you are ready to reclaim all the potentials
& gifts that lie hidden in the dark...
Then this is absolutely for you. 

You have always been curious about shadow work & want to experience it yourself.

You are ready to meet yourself on a deep level, maybe deeper than ever before.

You are willing to connect deeply with your emotions, express them, release them, and learn how to navigate them with grace & ease.

You are ready to break the repetitive cycles of self-sabotage that keep you from realizing your full potential.

You want to love yourself more deeply and move towards a new sense of wholeness, authenticity & integrity in your work as a coach & leader.


You are ready to dig for the gold in the dark. 

This is truly an INITIATION for YOU to embrace ALL of WHO you ARE. 

You will be invited into a safe and deeply experiential SPACE where you can meet and work with your shadows in a powerful way while receiving all the science-based KNOWHOW about shadow work.

What awaits you?

Five transformational modules designed to go deeper and deeper with each pass (shadow work is not a one-time exercise, but helps you navigate life)

a beautifully designed workbook (>60 pages) in which you can record your journey and reflect on it again and again


AN EXCLUSIVE ONLINE COMMUNITY apart from common social media TO SHARE YOUR PROGRESS with like-minded women

a beautifully designed workbook (>60 pages) in which you can record your journey and reflect on it again and again

This feels just right for me!

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Module 1

Some more details? 

The first module provides the theoretical underpinnings to understand what the shadow is all about, where it comes from and how it shows up in your life and business. Thus, you'll learn how to prepare shadow work, which includes a deep dive into your nervous system and how to regulate it. Then, we will dig into somebody training and start with the preparation for module 2. 

In module two, we will do a lot of practical work and dive deeper to peel off the layers of your shadow. You will uncover what is beneath longing & fear while digging for the gold in your shadow and navigating polarity. 

Module three is dedicated to learning about your emotions and emotional mastery as a person and a leader to surf the waves instead of drowning. Further, I will provide you with powerful exercises to explore your emotions. 

In module four, we’ll discuss the theoretical foundations of internal family systems. You will meet your many selves by diving into co-regulation, re-parenting and deep inner child healing through a deep meditative state. 

In our last module we learn about the principles of active imagination, followed by various powerful exercises to retrieve your goals, meet your fully expressed self, establish rituals and anchors and more. 

Module 2

Module 3

Module 4

Module 5

Here you go, my love. 

Theoretical Foundations

Facing the Shadow

Emotional Mastery

Many Selves

Golden Shadow

Letters to a Young Poet

What if all the dragons in our lives are princesses, who are only waiting to see us act, just once, with beauty and courage. Perhaps everything terrible is, in its deepest sense, something helpless that needs our love.

Golden Shadows empowers you to ...

Deeply understand and apply shadow work for yourself and your 1:1 clients. 

Discover your authentic self, enabling you to release your unrecognized potential and gifts.

Regulate your nervous system and gain emotional mastery by genuinely acknowledging your emotions rather than suppressing them and leveraging them for your own good.

Reflect and discover your unconscious conditioning from childhood and how it affects your life today. You will gain the knowledge and tools to reintegrate your so-called exiled parts.

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Golden Shadows provided me with so many explanations and insights about my life, paths, traumas, and my work as a coach and mentor. My work is mainly informed by intuition, and this course helped me to understand and explain my work at another level. At the same time, I experienced a lot of trauma healing within my family system. I am beyond grateful for this immense knowledge leaving me to recommend everyone facing their shadows. Kathrin’s gift lies in clearly expressing complex processes and uncovering the skills behind shadows to make them visible for you. And all of this is happening at eye level in a circle of wonderful, powerful women. In the same mind-blowing way, free fierce feminine continues and I think it is helpful for ever woman to dedicate themselves to this. This will help you to look at painful partnership issues in a completely different light. This is such a valuable work, and I am grateful to have met Kathrin to go this way with her and all others. 


The impact of Golden Shadows in my life went beyond self. Halfway through the module, I began reconciling with my loved ones — with my sister who I haven't spoken to in a year, and with my longest friend, that I had pushed away. It is that impactful that even my mom wanted to extend her gratitude because she witnessed how much it changed me. Looking back, I would not have done those if I hadn't been guided to unearth the unconscious parts of myself. I can see the great importance of having someone, an expert, to guide me through this journey of exploring myself. I appreciate that Kathrin gave me the autonomy to explore myself. She gave the right guidance so that I can lead my own self through.
It made me see myself in a completely new light. It feels so good to fall in love with the parts of myself that I believed weren't worthy of love. I learned how to listen to myself, and bravely look into my past so that I can give the love and understanding that my younger self deserves. Kathrin also created a safe and sacred space. I felt heard and seen. The women she brought together, as themselves, taught me to become a better person. A more loving, caring, and intuitive young woman.

Jasmin B.

With the Golden Shadow course, I grew deeper into my roots. I feel even more connected to myself by feeling and seeing the different aspects within me. It helped me incredibly to dive into my shadow character and my idealized self/persona because this changed how I see parts of myself and own them as parts of myself. This course enabled me to clearly see and distinguish parts of myself that I considered to be bad when in fact, I discovered that each of these parts holds a gift for me that enables me to connect with my true power. And with Kathrin's guidance, I discovered the gold within the shadow parts in the course. This was very helpful for me because when I feel my shadows rising, I am much more conscious about them and even can embrace them, hold them and transform them into power by myself when I see them.

Getting to know myself better with the shadow parts has kept me very busy after the course, and I will keep a golden transformation with me. Also, the wonderful workbook she created is still a beautiful guide after the course to go back into and reflect and tune in again.

What makes this course unique is that it is brilliantly knowledge-driven and based on the experience you will have for yourself. I loved that, and it is a beautiful combination to learn something deeply with your whole being.

Sarah L.

When you participate in Golden Shadow, you will see the world, yourself, and the people around you in a different light. I have always focused on discovering the root causes of trauma, issues or difficult times. But this course has made me realize that I have only scratched the surface, and it has enabled me to see what is behind my biggest fears, anxieties, or self-sabotage mechanisms. Golden Shadows helped me to grow in many ways, and so much more. It's about navigating polarity and not classifying something as good or bad but understanding the bigger picture. I saw myself, my behaviors, and my personality traits in a new light and experienced deep healing within myself while better understanding others. We were given the perfect combination of profound theoretical explanations and practical exercises, presented in a beautiful and safe space. I highly recommend working with Kathrin, as she is a master of her craft.

Are you ready to Transform your shadows into your greatest gifts?

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