This journey will give you theoretical and hands-on tools to fully embrace the feminine within you and the fierce power it holds.

You want to explore femininity and what it takes to be a female leader. 

You wish to uncover the fierce powers that have been passed on and inherited by women over centuries. 

You seek to break the vicious cycle of self-doubt, self-sabotage, and self-restraint for others.

You are ready to experience and embody the aspect of the dark feminine. 

You are ready for a deep journey into decent and willing to reclaim your natural gifts.


Liberate yourself.

This is truly an INITIATION for YOU to embrace ALL of WHO YOU ARE AS A WOMAN. 

What awaits you?

Six mind-blowing online modules (approx. 2 h each).

The core essence of two years of my academic research into the dark feminine combined with archetypal psychology. 

A meditative journey into decent, shedding your layers to recognise your inner truth and reclaim your natural powers.

Two remarkable guest speakers, on the themes of sexuality and the aspect of the seer (HEKATE).

A detailed workbook with more than 70 pages to record your insights, reflections and results of the course.

Access to our intimate online community to provide you with additional support and connect with like-minded souls.

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1 Module

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In the first module we will discover the true feminine. You will also learn about the female individuation process, which is the key finding of my academic research. Every woman passes through various phases during her life. However, we can be stuck in one of these stages for years or even decades without even being aware of it. Thus, I will safely guide you to deeply understand and apply the feminine individuation process leading to pure sovereignty and self-actualization. 

In addition to going through the initiation process, we adapt to various archetypes throughout our lives based on the theory of Karl Gustav Jung. Archetypal psychology states that certain personality traits are anchored in the collective and occur throughout life. In conjunction with the principles of shadow work, you will discover various archetypes and learn how to enter into their full, healthy expressions (instead of being stuck in the distorted ones). 

We will explore the mythological motif, meaning and significance of the (repeated) descent into the underworld. Following in the footsteps of Sumerian Goddess Innana , I will lead you on a powerful journey to meet the Dark Goddess within you and reflect on the question of which part(s) of you must die in order for you to fully come to life? Let my craft and captivating voice lead you into deep introspection and to lasting transformation.

The wild archetype of KALI is the core theme of our fourth module. We will look at the healthy and wounded expressions of the archetype of Kali in your life and in your business and explore how we can reclaim and awaken the power of KALI within us.

In our last module we will dive into the aspect of the seer. The archetype of HEKATE will show us how to walk between the worlds and lift the veils. And there would be no better person than our guest speaker Isabella Ulrich, who is a spiritual mentor, an initiated Sangoma (African Medicine Woman), a powerful seer and a successful writer. 

Alexandra Wennmacher, is a powerful Tantric & Feminine Embodiment Coach, and our guest speaker for module five. Alexandra will help you awaken your inner Goddess by loving your self, your sexuality, your body and your life and reconnecting with your feelings and inner desires. 

Here you go, my love. 

The real feminine

2 Module


3 Module

The Descent

4 Module

Kali Archetype

5 Module

Lilith Archetype

6 Module

Hekate Archetype


How would it feel to embrace the power of the feminine, the true feminine that has been suppressed for so long? What if you could finally hear and reclaim the calling that has screamed out within you for so long? Imagine being able to fully embrace and embody the woman you are and move authentically towards your feminine gifts and powers.

Profoundly understand and apply the female individuation process and how it emerges in our lives.

Understand the different archetypes and how you relate to them to free yourself from the distorted expressions you are stuck with and that hold you back. 

Let go of what you no longer need and reclaim what has always belonged to you.

Discover the full story of the feminine and how it shows up throughout history and in our society today.

Free fierce feminine empowers you to...

Yes, I Want This!

Fully embrace yourself as a woman and mobilize the fierce forces that reside within you.



I highly recommend this course to all women out there. It has helped me see what is still dormant within me and may be awakened. The effects of this course were again an eye-opener, especially in my professional work. It made me even more aware of the powers that have been inherent in us women for centuries and that it is now time to activate them for the benefit of all. If I was a woman who wanted to get ahead in business, this course lies the foundation on which everything is built. I have been working in personality development and consciousness work for a long time. Still, I was unaware of this deep knowledge about women in this mystical depth. If you consider this course, know that it can completely change how you look at yourself and being a woman, and it will 100% do something with you. What makes this course unique from my point of view is the depth and intensity that I have not found on the market so far. I am absolutely sure that this course is a valuable contribution to finally leading relationships on an equal footing again in our world. Highest recommendation to you as a woman who wants to lead a partnership at eye level!

Sarah L.

This course is an absolute must for every woman. It helped me to discover the feminine in all its expressions and aspects. It was a perfect blend of current research, archetypal psychology and ancient methodology translated into a transformative journey. I realized how wrong my perception of the feminine was and that I relied mostly on masculine energies. This course definitely had a great impact on how I show up as a woman in my relationship and my career. It means I'm meeting myself on a deeper level and setting boundaries that I didn't know others were crossing. And although the course already blew me away, Isabella Ulrich topped it by giving us an idea of what HEKATE embodies in real life. I highly recommend this course to every woman, as you might not find so much knowledge combined with practical tools anywhere else.

Tamara A.

Wow! This course is a compass for coaches and people who want to deal with femininity, the demands of being a woman, and female leadership. Here we speak out clearly regarding our conditioning, imprints, and shadows. In this truly amazing course, Kathrin shares her years of experience, impressively introduces her concepts, and gives many fantastic examples of how we can apply them in everyday life.
It was an intensive course where I learned a lot about myself, archetypes, and their healthy and distorted expressions and received hands-on tools for my work as a coach.


The fierce feminine was an incredibly deep journey for me. We dived deep into the female archetypes, the female individuation process, and especially the fierce feminine in six intensive modules. Katrin conveyed with great dedication an incredible amount of knowledge and wisdom combined with a profound openness and vulnerability. She created a sacred space for transformation, deep insights, and loving exchange in togetherness. So, we could descend into our depths and feel held and safe. Dear Katrin, thank you from the bottom of my heart for the deep journey you took us on. I learned so much and had very deep insights about myself and my fellow human beings. I now understand myself and many women I know even better. I have deeply realized for myself who I want to be and what path I want to take for myself. Thank you for your profound and open way and your incredibly great enthusiasm with which you open us to these powerful aspects of femininity.

Anastasia A.

A very holistic, deep, diverse, rich, and beautiful experience. This course was pure abundance. Not only did we get precious knowledge from Kathrin's academic research, but we also had the possibility to meet and experience two amazing guest speakers/women in their full embodiment of two (in society rejected) aspects of the dark feminine. Wow, feeling and witnessing their being and way of expressing themselves touched my heart. I thought, "Ahaa, this is what women can be as well", "This is a powerful woman", "This is how I want to be and can be myself". This course is a deep cell activation and initiation. This was not only a course about the free fierce feminine. It was a whole experience. Even the approach in which Kathrin created and held this space was in such a feminine way. Thank you for reminding me of how powerful and potent it is to be a woman nowadays. I thought: Oh, my goddess, "woman" has so many different faces – thanks, Kathrin, for filling this course with holy diversity, so that every woman will find herself in it and be reminded of what is possible for her in this life.

Hanna A.

Free fierce, and feminine is a divine workshop that every woman shall receive and experience due to its power. Kathrin embodies her work so that you literally see the goddess herself talking when she shares about Zeus, Persephone, or any other divine force.
It's a huge gift to embrace her workshop and the CLA as one beautiful and divine container.
The workshop provides another perspective to me: approaching archetypes from a point that makes it fun to dive deeper. Especially as I love the Greek stories. The workshop provides a better understanding of what is happening while actually living that part.

Jasmin B.

This course is still working for me. It impacted me so much that I still can not get everything in words. For me, all the knowledge and the gifts I received are still a blessing, impacting my whole life from now on. This course has changed a lot in my consciousness about being a free fierce feminine woman and growing deeper into my sovereign power. It was mind-blowing to me what Kathrin shared with us. Once I was just sitting and listening while feeling such a significant impact with what she told us about the spiral of an evolutionary cycle of distortion as an important part of growing into the sovereign feminine. This I will never forget.
I would love every woman to get to know this course as early as possible because it's life-changing and so valuable to receive this knowledge and its power. For us to grow as women and as leaders in this world movement.

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Based on years of my academic research about the dark feminine