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Let's uplevel your embodied & conscious leadership as a woman, coach & entrepreneur. This is life-changing content at your fingertips.

Go Vertical reveals the new paradigm of leadership in a powerful and initiating way. You get three breakthrough online modules to deeply understand and reclaim your authentic leadership - in all areas of life. 

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Online Course

Stop playing small and awaken the leader within.

A beautiful and grace-filled soul that really knows her Sh**! - Tobi Ann


Kathrin is embodying the female archetype of "La Gran Madre". - Meva


Very thought-provoking. - Kathrin K.


Soulevolutionary! - Manuela

Golden Shadows consists of five powerful and highly practical modules, a complete toolbox of powerful somatic practices to regulate your nervous system, and a beautiful workbook, all designed to help you safely uncover your deepest shadows and find the gold that lies hidden within them. If you've always wanted to learn about shadow work, this transformational course is the initiation you've been looking for. 

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Online Course

This is a true initiation to embrace all of who you are.

The impact of Golden Shadows in my life went beyond self. - Tatiana



I saw myself, my behaviors, and my personality traits in a new light and experienced deep healing within myself while better understanding others. - Sarah


What makes this course unique is that it is brilliantly knowledge-driven and based on the experience you will have for yourself. - Jasmin

Bonus surprises

60+ pages Workbook

Somatic Toolbox 
(Nervous System Regulation)

Access to an intimate online community

Free Fierce Feminine is based on two years of extensive academic research about the Dark Feminine and is deeply informed by my experience as a woman and female leader. If you are interested in archetypal psychology and enjoy mythology combined with deep self-reflection, this course will blow your mind. You can expect six powerful online modules featuring two astonishing guest speakers and a comprehensive workbook to map your path to feminine wholeness.

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Embrace the feminine within you and the fierce power it holds.

Wow! This course is a compass for coaches and women willing to deal with femininity. - Tamara



This course was pure abundance. - Anastasia


Free Fierce Feminine was an incredibly deep journey. - Katharina


This course is an absolute must for every woman! - Sarah


The effects of this course were again an eye-opener, especially in my professional work. - Alexandra

This course is still working for me. It impacted me so much that I still can not get everything in words. For me, all the knowledge and the gifts I received are still a blessing, impacting my whole life from now on. - Jasmin


Bonus surprises

70 pages Workbook

Two astonishing
guest speakers

Access to an intimate online community

Frequently Asked Questions 

Who is Kathrin Fox, and why should I choose her programs?

How do I choose the right offer for me?

Do I need to have any special knowledge or language requirements?

You don't require any previous knowledge, since I will explain and guide you through the various modules and exercises. 

The courses are held exclusively in English, so it is an advantage to have a B2 English level to be able to follow the course without mistakes. 

Are there any technical requirements for this course?

The courses are accessible via the online community, which can be accessed via any desktop internet browser or via the Circle phone application. In addition, you will find workbooks in pdf format for most courses. 

Approximately how long does a course last?

The duration of the courses depends on the number of modules and can be found on the course description pages. As a rule, the courses consist of three to six modules, each of which takes about 1.5 to 3 hours. The courses are designed in a self-paced learning format. This means that you decide whether you want to thoroughly work through one module after another or work through all the modules relatively quickly at first and then go into more depth.

How do I register?

Once you have decided to enrol, use the link on the course description page to register and gain immediate access to the course on our Circle Community.

Do you offer payment plans or do I have to pay everything at once?

How much do the courses cost, and in which currency are the prices given?

The price depends on the length and content of the course and can be seen on the check-out page. Please note that prices are quoted in US dollars and are calculated and remitted according to the current daily exchange rate against your local currency.

Who can I contact if I have further questions or if I need technical support during the course?

Please contact us directly by email if you have any further questions about my offers. 

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I cannot promise you any quick fixes nor can I save you the tears, the grief or the anger that you may encounter in the process but I can assure you that you will feel safe and even excited to dig for the gold in your shadow and to shine your brightest light.

My coaching style is based on a solid foundation of knowledge & experience, as well as on countless hours of training but most importantly it is deeply attuned to your needs and guided by my intuition.

I am definitely not a sage nor do I pretend to have it ‘all together’. But I am more than willing to share with you what I have learned by walking this path and to be by your side as you travel yours.







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